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When is an Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery used?
Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery device is usually recommended in cases of periodontal disease, abnormal tooth position, and extraction of impacted teeth.

Because the Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery device can make the actual contact area between the tip and bone tissue more uniform, precise and stable. At the same time, the special cooling system in the form of spray can take all the ground bone tissue debris away from the area undergoing surgical treatmentmaking the surgical operation field vision clearer and less trauma during tooth extraction, thereby reducing the chance of secondary infection and reducing postoperative reactions.

Seven applications of Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery

Alveolar Surgery
Minimally invasive tooth extraction, alveolar bone trimming extraction of impacted teeth, extraction of ambushed supernumerary teeth

Implant Surgery
Internal maxillary sinus lift, external maxillary sinus lift bone splitting, implant preparation, autologous bone preparation, bone mass osteotomy, bone debris collection, site preservation techniques.

Periodontal Surgery
Crown lengthening surgery, root planing

Root Canal Surgery
Apicoectomy, curettage of apical inflammation Fractured apicoectomy, apical Inverted filling

Orthodontic Surgery
Minimally invasive tooth extraction, alveolar bone trimming Extraction of impacted teeth. extraction of ambusheo supernumerary teeth

Maxillofacial Surgery
Orthognathic surgery, plastic surgery, fenestration osteotomy maxillary cyst extraction, odontogenic tumor extraction

Fractured apicoectomy, implant removal, bone adhesion treatment