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The feedback from thousands and thousands of dentists tells a fact that ultrasonic frequency micro-oscillation of MaxSurgery Ⅲ is an ideal solution for minimally invasive surgery, ultrasonic osteotomy, and more dental diagnosis & treatment.

The MaxSurgeryⅢ Ultrasonic Surgical System has 4 modes: Bone Cutting, Periodontics, Endodontics Treatment, Cleaning and is equipped with various ultrasonic working tips for different applications.

Minimal incision 3.5mmx0.5mm and No hurt to soft tissues are its remarkable features. Thus ultrasonic bone cutter is able to help surgical dentists to accomplish a minimally invasive surgery precisely & effectively. The ultrasonic bone surgery device make dental patients no worry about a slow healing for the trauma of tooth extraction.

Also it has autoclavable high efficient handpiece, multi-function pedal for water volume adjustment, mode switching, power adjustment and autoclavable cable to avoid cross-infection.