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The LED resin curing light is a common oral instrument for dentists to repair and restore the patients’ teeth. Its working principle of light curing is to quickly solidify the resin materials under the action of light waves within a specific wavelength range thereby to fill the cavity or bond the brackets. The curing light is various in appearance, but it has a similar structure composed of light-guided pipe, light cure shield, LED lamp, electronic controller, battery and power supply.

The curing light can be classified into LED and halogen cable type according to the light source. Currently the LED curing light has been the mainstream in the market due to more advantages such as energy saving for long working life of battery, less heat generation, less shrinkage, short curing time, high light intensity, less stimulation to the gums and pulp, 385-515nm close to the resin-sensitive wavelength, etc.

Useful Tips for choosing a good LED curing light.
1. LED with a power of more than 5W for deeper and quicker resin solidification.
2. LED lamp equipped with 4 beads, it has an even and uniform light energy for wider irradiation.
3. The spectral ranges 385-515nm can cover all popular resin materials.
4. The transferring rate of the light pipe should be more than 80%
5. Multiple functions and modes will be more handy in the treatment.
6. The base is equipped with light meter, which can check the light intensity at any time.
7. One second solidification, most of curing light can do one second cure now.
8. Choose a smaller head for hand-piece, which is easy for operation, comfortable experience in patient’s oral cavity.
9. Select a metal head for the lamp, which is solid and durable.
10. The battery with larger capacity for longer working life.