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During the periodontal treatment, the dentist offer worry about that the patient will feel sore. Useful tips for operation make it comfortable and painless!

1. The movement range of working tips should not exceed 2mm.

2. The tip pressure on the teeth does not exceed 0.5N.

3. The working tip is always tangent to the tooth, i.e. 0° angle operation between the working tip and the tooth surface for more efficient cleaning and less damage of root surface.

4. Choose right working tip and use it by a elliptical trajectory to loosen the dental calculus firstly.

5. Be skillful in operation, adjust the gear to be higher slightly, then set it back immediately after loosening the calculus.

6. Use the tip end to move up and down against the calculus for an opening, and then it is easy to clean.

7. The moving speed of the working tip should be slowed down and the movements should be as gentle as possible.