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The pain of root canal treatment depends on it is a live pulp or necrosis pulp. For necrosis pulp, patients feels no pain in the endodontic treatment. For a live pulp with pulpitis, a few patients feel a slight pain when the pulp nerve is pulled out. On the condition, dentist will use anesthetic or mild inactivated agent to relieve the patients’ pain. With the continuous development of medical technology, endodontic therapy can be basically painless.

Why endodontic treatment requires at least 3 or more dental X-ray images? Before treatment, the dental X-ray can help endodontist to learn about the condition of root canal and make a treatment plan. During the treatment, it can help dentist to confirm whether root canal is well prepared and more status of procedure. Then dentist can go right on the next step. After the treatment, it can help dentist to judge whether the root canal is well filled or a remedy is needed.

Many patients don’t understand why they should go on full-crown restoration after treatment. After root canal treatment, the teeth become dark and brittle due to no nutrition supply from pulp. The damaged crown is easy to crack and break down, so as to shorten service life of the teeth. Thus a full-crown restoration is necessary for teeth protection.

Is a root canal treatment safe? The treatment uses a series of dental instruments on its complicated procedure. However, endodontic treatment is a good measure to preserve compromised tooth now. Clinical reports showed 80%-90% endodontic treatment are successful due to matured dental technology. Patients are kindly remind professional hospitals and dental clinics should be chosen to ensure a safe root canal treatment.