Model: PT X
Automatic mode identification and switching
Intelligent water-temperature-control system
Smart LCD touch control system

PT 7

Model: PT 7
Frequency: 28000-42000Hz
Tips hardness: 30 HRC
Vibration amplitude: 1-200μm
Treatment depth: 14mm
Power Input: 38VA
Frequency: 28kHz-42kHz
Water pressure: 0.01MPa-0.5MPa (0.1bar-5bar)
Package size: 285mm*170mm*109mm
Weight of main unit: 2.0Kg

Dental X-ray

Model: VeRay
0.4mm focus to get high definition images
High-voltage generator with 0.4mm focus, high-definition imaging, enjoy top quality

High frequency DC technology
Ultra-low radiation, the exposure dose is reduced by more than 30% compared with the standard generator, maximizing effective rays and greatly reducing the radiation intensity

iJet / iJet S

Simple and efficient plaque control solution

iJet & iJet S helps you to remove the dental plaque, soft deposits,tartar and stains on the surface of nature teeth, restorations, implantsand orthodontic brackets, so as to prevent periodontal disease

Activa / Activa S

Air Scaler Operation Instructions
Activa air scaler is driven by compressed air to generate high-frequency vibration.
Working with differerscaling tips provided by REFINE , it can produce elliptic curve oscillationorking Wh different scalingprovided byit can be used to remove dental calculusperiodontal prophylaxis , root canal cleansing treatment , restorative , finishing , trimming , polishing andplacing prosthetics aavs and other clinical uses.

MaxFill-G / MaxFill-P

ntelligent Temperature Control
1 sec fast heating, fast cutting gutta-percha, and 1 sec fast cooling to ensure safety of patients.
360 degree injection needle
Easily rotate angle for filling
Made of 99.9% pure silver with good thermal conductivity, flexible and durable
Pre-bending hot needle
Six angles optional for different operating situations

Ultrasonic Scaler

Advanced technology combined with high quality tips, support you to provide the best possible care to patients. Our range of dental ultrasound products associated with Refine tips enable to clean, treat and educate patients for better dental hygiene: removal of teeth dental plaque as well as stains and discolorations, prosthetic finishing line preparation, caries treatment and dental prosthesis.

Curing Light

For a fast and efficient polymerization, Refine MaxCure curing light use a wide emitting spectrum. To activate the polymerization of all type of dental photosensitive materials like composites, we have created a complete range of lamps specifically designed for a maximal efficiency in a minimal time, allowing to cure a few brackets to a whole quadrant, in a single gesture.

Apex Locator

Latest multi-frequency apex locator technology
Unique colour OLED screen for smart operation
Intuitive menu for setting options
CHECK mode for smooth functional test of device and cables in case of questionable measuring results.

Endo Motor

The innovative cordless endo motor MaxEndo offers maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. Steer the motor directly on the handpiece (reciprocating) allows you access to a wide range of practice-oriented applications and regular updates.

Spare Parts

Spare parts for scaler
Spare parts for curing light
Spare parts for apex locator
Spare parts for Endo motor

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