Model: Jet jet
Classification 93/42 EEC: Class ll a
Service Pressure to the turbine mconnection: Water 0.7 – 0.22MPa, 50 – 80ml/min
Service Pressure to the turbineconnection Air: 0.35-0.45MPa(3.5-4.5bar)
Net Weight: Approx 0.16kg
Operating Condlitions: 10℃ – 40℃, Relative Humidity: 30% – 75%, Air Pressure: 500hPa -1060hPa,
Storage and transport conditions: -10C – 40℃, Relative Humidity: 10% – 95%, Air Pressure: 500hPa -1060hPa Manufacturing Date: See the packing
Life time: 7 years

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